Paperwork, Paperwork, and More Paperwork!

Yesterday (June 8th, 2018) I had received the paperwork to officially start a search for my birth family. My first reaction? Holy cow that’s a lot!

There were two piles that came. One pile had the actual; request for a birth family search, along with other required information such as: My case number, my Korean and American name, my adoption date, a power of attorney form, and a petition for adoption information disclosure. This already sounds somewhat overwhelming right?

The second pile includes a pre-search interview questionnaire. This is the larger pile, as this questionnaire is rather long. It asks questions such as: why do I want to start a search, what are your expectations for this search, and what my reaction would be if my birth family does not want to meet with me?

Also included in this pile was guidelines for a letter of introduction for the birthparent I am searching for. I am supposed to tell my birth mother information about myself, which includes thing such as: talents, education, occupation, etc.

I am kind of excited but nervous to start this search! Although this will be a very emotional and long process, I have been wanting to search for my birth mother ever since I was about thirteen or so. I have wondered about her so many times, and I really want to see what she looks like! While my chances of finding her are very slim, and her wanting to meet me are probably ever smaller, I can only hope!

I will be updating this part of my blog throughout the process. If you want to see what happens, then please follow!

See you guys in the next post 🙂