They Found My Birth Mom!

October 18th, 2018

Back in July, I had sent in the paperwork to start a birth family search. Not expecting to hear anything soon, I put my search on the back burner of my mind.

About two weeks ago, I had emailed the lady that I have been working with on this search. I just wanted to see if there were any updates, since it has been a few months. She had responded by saying that she will email the social worker in South Korea again to see if there is any new. Again,not expecting to hear anything so soon, I put my search in the back of the mind. With school, figure skating, and soccer, I had enough to focus on.

When I got back from class today and had opened my email to look at something else, I see that I have an email from the lady. I wasn’t expecting to see an email from her, especially because a notification didn’t pop up on my phone that I had an unread email.

I was sitting at the desk in my dorm, ready to start studying for a test I have next week (its midterm season, yay!-I sarcastically say). When I finally read the email from the lady, a smile appeared on my face and I almost started to cry.

My adoption agency has found and located my birth mother!

I was not expecting for this to happen so soon! Birth family searches can take years! I was expecting for this to take at least six months-a year at least! Not three months!

From what the email said, I have two younger half sisters and my birth mom is happily married. Her husband knows about me, and is very supportive of the fact that my birth mom had a child while she was not married. She has been wondering about me, and even gave the social worker in Korea her number. I think this means she at the very least, wants to see how I am doing!

I am so incredibly happy that they found her and that she has been thinking about me! I have been told many times that in most cases with international adoptees, their birth parents are never found or they don’t want to have any contact with their child. I was expecting for something along these lines to happen. What’s even more shocking is that her husband knows and is supportive. Adoption is still a taboo in Korea, and I have heard that many women do not tell their spouses that they have put up a child for adoption.

All I can say is that I am extremely lucky for this to have happened to me so soon. I have been wondering about my birth mother for YEARS! Now, I may at the very least, be able to see what she looks like. I am so happy and shocked right now that I have been thinking about this for the past three hours instead of studying!

I will keep updating this as more things come up! Thanks for reading!